Greenest US governors

Speaking of California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, did you know that he is listed as the second greenest governor in the US following Governor Bill Ritter of Colorado?

This is according to Greenopia, which recently released its ranking of 50 Greenest Governors in the US. Following Schwarzenegger is Ted Kulongoski of Oregon. Sarah Palin of Alaska, Mitchell Daniels of Indiana, and Piyush Jindal of Louisiana were at the bottom 3 of the list.

“We looked at all 50 governors in the US and compared their policies, transparency, and interest group ratings and ranked them. It was a monumental task,” said Doug Mazeffa, Greenopia’s director of research. “Greenopia readers want to know which Governors are the eco-leaders, neutral or laggards, and especially identify those making repeated eco-gaffes.”

Data for the study, according to Greenopia, was collected from each governor’s own web pages and cross-checked against sites such as VoteSmart and OnTheIssues. Energy and emission data was collected from the Department of Energy and the environmental platform data for each political party was collected from either the DNC or RNC’s main site.

Greenopia’s Top 10 greenest governors list:

1. Bill Ritter (D) – Colorado

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) – California

3. Ted Kulongoski (D) – Oregon

4. Christine Gregoire (D) – Washington

5. John Baldacci (D) – Maine

6. Martin O’Malley (D) – Maryland

7. Bill Richardson (D) – New Mexico

8. James Douglas (R) – Vermont

9. Jon Corzine (D) – New Jersey

10. Jodi Rell (R) – Connecticut

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