May green chemicals

Green chemical development heats up in May with new product launch announcements emailed to me. Do they deserve to be in the green chemical category or not?

1. Low VOC construction chems - Specialty product manufacturer RectorSeal® has added Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) solvent cements, primers and cleaners to its line of quality products for the building and construction trades.

2. Battery separator for electrics - ExxonMobil Chemical developed two new grades of V series co-extruded battery separator films to help make lithium-ion batteries safer than ever before for hybrid and electric vehicles, power tools and electronic devices including laptop computers.

3. Bio-hydraulic fluidDow Chemical’s Performance Fluids Business introduces DOW™ SYMBIO base fluid and hydraulic fluid, containing more than 50% high oleic canola oil. The biodegradable fluids is available on a direct sales basis or through authorized Dow distributors starting this month.

4. Green fuel additive - EthosFR+ fuel additive, which reportedly reduces vehicle emissions by 30% and increases gas mileage by 7%-19% is now available for direct purchase by consumers by the group

5. New green propellant - Honeywell said its new HFO-1234ze propellant is reducing the global-warming impact of some industrial aerosol cleaning products by up to 99.6%. In some aerosol applications, HFO-1234ze can reportedly serve as a direct replacement for HFC-134a.

6. PVC replacement - Spartech Corporation introduced EnviroSeal™, a family of sealable, polyester products designed to replace clear, rigid PVC packaging such as blister packaging, clamshells, produce containers, display boxes and containers.

7. Natural flavors - Flavors and fragrance company WILD Flavors has developed an acid-stable, naturally-derived blue color additive for use in food and beverage applications. WILD’s blue color additive is manufactured completely with fresh fruit.

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