Poo Power rises

Don’t underestimate the chemical power of waste and sh*t (I think I’ve just been bleeped!)

In Manchester, UK, United Utilities and National Gridhave teamed up in building a plant producing biomethane from wastewatersludge. The plant will soon power up a small town of about 5,000 homesas well as fleet of sludge trucks.

The GBP4.3 million ($7.1m)project will be operational by early 2011, and involves installing theupgrade equipment, a gas compression and fuelling station, plus apipeline to link into the local gas distribution network.

United Utilities said one of its sludge tankers has already been converted to run on diesel and compressed biomethane gas.

In California, USA, EnerTech Environmental commissioned its first ever biosolids-to-renewable energy SlurryCarbâ„¢ facility, that will generate 60,000 tons of fuel called E-fuel from over 270,000 wet tons of biosolids per year.

The E-Fuelproduced by the facility is already being used by Southern Californiacement kilns to offset their coal use and will reduce annual localgreenhouse gas emissions by over 80,000 tons.

EnerTech said biosolids (processed sewage sludge) in the US are produced at over 7 million tons each year.

In Brazil, engineering company ARCADISopened its third landfill gas (LFG) plant near Rio de Janeiro namedNovo Gramacho. The new plant will consolidate the leading marketposition of Biogas, a company in which ARCADIS Logos holds 33%.

NovoGramacho has been developed to collect and burn the methane gas emittedin the Gramacho landfill where 2.4 million tons of urban waste has beenburied every year for the last 30 years.

Finally, a post from New York Times Green Inc. blogtalked about the power of chicken droppings, which can be convertedinto biochar fertilizer (highly porous charcoal made from organicwaste), biogas, and bio-oil, using the process called pyrolysis.

“With30,000 chicken farms in the United States alone, the market for thistechnology could be ripe for the picking — particularly given thatAmerican consumers, over the last several decades, have been eatingmore and more chicken.”

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