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The green blogger is back and really apologize for the very sparse blog. Last week was a heck of a week and glad that was over.

Sowhat’s new? Aside from finishing up a bioplastic article and abiomass-to-chemicals development interview from a University ofCalifornia San Francisco professor (all of them I will hopefully postsoon), I also attended one of Dow Corning’s one-day worldwide pressconference (one is from New York). My biopesticide article is also outright now but I will post several never-before-seen Q&A’s just forthe blog. I’m also getting info on BIO’s roundtable discussion onindustrial biotech.

Yep, that was half of my week last week so stay tune for them! For now, here are this week’s news roundup:

Lyondell starts Bio-ETBE

LyondellBasell’s project to produce bio-ETBEat its Channelview, Texas, plant is on schedule to start up in thefourth quarter 2009. Bio-ETBE is a high performance gasoline blendingcomponent composed of ethanol produced from biomass and natural gasliquids.

Investors for HCL CleanTech

US Venture Capital funds Burrill & Company and Khosla Ventures have invested in HCL CleanTech,a US company and its Israeli subsidiary founded by Prof. Avram Baniel,Prof. Ari Eyal and Eran Baniel. HCL CleanTech has developed acost-efficient technology of converting lignocellulosic biomass tofermentable sugars. Green fertilizer from wastewater

Clean Water Services‘wastewater treatment facility in Oregon now incorporates a technologythat recovers phosphorus and other nutrients from wastewater andrecycles them into environmentally-safe premium-quality commercialfertilizer. The technology is developed by Ostara Nutrient RecoveryTechnologies Inc. of Vancouver.

LG Chem invests in EV battery

LG Chem,South Korea’s largest chemicals maker will invest 1 trillion won($794.4 million) in a new electric-car battery plant over the next fouryears, reported Reuters. The new battery plant will be set up inOchang, south of Seoul.

San Francisco airport houses H station

San Francisco International Airport will have a hydrogen fueling stationby 2010 designed and installed by Linde North America. The station willbe one of the stops along California’s growing Hydrogen Highway andwill be open to drivers of fuel cell vehicles who live in or passthrough northern California.

And in ICIS news (requires subscription):

Shell has started selling a new sulphur-free bio heating oil throughout Germany. The product had a bio-component of up to 10%

USchemical companies should share sustainable development policies, sincethey are developing them unevenly across a spectrum of businessprofiles, according to global consultancy Accenture.

The next generation of US bio-refineries and biochemical firms expect substantial funds from the Obama administration, executives from Genomatica, Zeachem, Coskata and Genencor noted last week.


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