Weekly News Roundup

A very busy week last week with lots of bioplastic and recycling news from the plastic show NPE2009;green chemistry news from the American Chemical Society’s annual GreenChemistry and Engineering conference; and the House debates (andfinally approval) on the American Clean and Energy Security (ACES) bill.

This week, ICIS Chemical Businessis also featuring white biotechnology as preview to the annual WorldCongress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing (WIBCC)conference by BIO which will be held on July 19-22 in Montreal, Canada.I will be attending the show and hopefully get lots of tweets and blogsposts to share.

For now, here are this week’s news roundup:

Carbon capture deal

IFP and ENEL signed a dealto test the first-generation post-combustion capture process, developedby IFP, on a pilot unit to be built by ENEL at the coal-fired powerstation in Brindisi (Italy). IFP has developed a first-generation fluegas scrubbing technology using chemical solvents.

Battery safety R&D award

Advanced lithium-ion automotive battery developer EnerDelhas been awarded up to $3.3 million for a cost-share research projectunder the U.S. Department of Energy. The EnerDel will focus on thedevelopment of innovative technologies to eliminate overcharging inlithium-ion cells.

IBM forms green coalition

IBM has created an industry alliance called Green Sigmawith key leaders in metering, monitoring, automation, datacommunications and software to provide smart solutions for energy,water, waste and greenhouse gas management.Pepsico’s green Chinese plant

PepsiCoopened its first overseas “green” plant in China today in the westerncity of Chongqing as it reiterated plans to invest $1 billion in thecountry. The LEED-certified facility is said to be the first “green”beverage plant ever built in China.

New PET recycling company

Plastic Technologies has formed a new company, PTI Recycling Systemsto market a new has been formed to market LNOc rPET production processto the global marketplace. The process efficiently turn post-consumerPET containers into reusable food-grade resin.

GE’s new green Tech center

GE Energy opened a new Technology Centerin Belfort, France, which will house up to 400 engineers from 15different countries, who will work to develop the most advancedtechnology to help customers address environmental and energychallenges.

And from ICIS news (requires subscription):

The US House of Representatives votednarrowly on Friday to approve a massive climate-change bill thatproponents said will create jobs and advance energy independence andopponents warned would drastically raise the nation’s energy costs andeliminate jobs.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality finedthe North American operations of BP $650,000 and US major Dow Chemical$166,465 for pollution violations at facilities in Texas.

The US Chemical Safety Board will seek stakeholder input on how the board should establish a new reporting requirement – probably by early 2010 – for serious chemical accidents.

EU environment ministers reached an agreement on a new Industrial Emissions Directive

legislation aimed at reducing industrial emissions and agreed to extend the phase-in period for the directive.

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