Colbert interview on BPA and frogs

This is a hilarious (but I think needed to be taken seriously) interview by Steven Colbert about supposed endocrine disruptors in water bodies causing genital malformations in male frogs and other amphibians.

Colbert interviewed New York Times columnist (and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner) Nicholas Kristof who wrote an article on June 27 about growing deformed frogs, intersex fish, and stunted male alligator genitalia being blamed on endocrine disruptor chemicals (such as runoff pesticides, plasticizers, hormone drugs) in US water bodies.

Kristof also noted some scientists connecting the dots between these deformed amphibians and increasing abnormalities among humans, particularly genital deformities among newborn boys.

“The research is scary,” said Kristof in his June 27 commentary blog, On the Ground. “We don’t know for sure that these chemicals are harmful, but the evidence is mounting.”

He noted in his interview with Colbert that 100% of the male smallmouth bass in the Potomac watershed in Washington are now producing eggs, which, he explained to Colbert, now classified them as “intersex” fish.

Kristof also said that 25% of American females now have higher levels of these endocrine disruptors in their bodies that give problems to their offsprings. He emphasized the need for regulations from the EPA and FDA to minimized these chemical risks.

At the end of the interview, Colbert expressed his concern that he might be drinking estrogen-filled lady pee.

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