Help the bees says Slovenia

The US is not the only one having bee troubles called the “Colony collapse disorder” syndrome.

Slovenia, which has one of the highest density of honeybees among European countries, is asking the European Parliament for immediate and effective action on beekeeping and the health of bees.

The government of Slovenia said that the European Commission should examine the possibility of recognising the honeybee as an animal species needing special care and protection.

“There is a need for further research in the field of bee health, including the influence of climate change, and on the effects of plant protection products on bees. Furthermore, setting up ecological recovery zones to renew the bee population is to be encouraged. Slovenia believes that the Commission should play a key role in these activities.”

Factors driving the “Colony collapse disorder” syndrome, which started in 2003, are still unknown and has been the center of research worldwide. In Europe, losses as high as 50% of honeybee colonies have been reported in various countries.

In Slovenia, losses observed in the 2007/2008 season were reported around 30%.

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