Latvian bioplastic: Certification required

The Latvian green technology association homo ecos: is said to be proposing a national legislation for Latvian bioplastic products to be defined as certified compostable according to European bioplastic standards EN 13432/14995. The new ordinance makes certification and labeling mandatory for bioplastic products in Latvia.

According to homo ecos, natural-based products in Latvia have significant tariff reduction compared to conventional materials. Bioplastic manufacturers can profit from lower taxes if their products are certified and labeled under the EN bioplastic standards.

“At the moment we are strongly committed to the translation of the European standards for compostable bioplastics EN 13432 and EN 14995 into Latvian. This is necessary so that the standards can be taken over in national legislation,” says Andrejs Viks, spokesperson/board member of homo ecos:.

The European Bioplastic association said homo ecos: is the newest member of the Congress of the European and National Bioplastics Organisations and Networks (CEBON), which is coordinated by the group.

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