New green chemicals from June

Very sorry for the sparse blog this week, lots of things going on in and out of the office. Here are this month’s new green chemicals launch and most (if not all) are about bioplastics. By the way, thanks for the kudos on my recent bioplastic and biopesticide reports!

1. Cereplast biofoam resinsCereplast launched a breakthrough bio-based foamable resin Cereplast Compostable 5001® to compete with Styrofoam® and other foamable petroleum-based resins. The biofoam uses Ingeo™ PLA and various biodegradable and compostable components.

2. PolyOne biopolymer compounds - PolyOne launched a platform of of biopolymer compounds under the brand Resound™. The compounds are formulated with a 30% minimum bio-derived content for use in boosting bioplastic performance such as heat tolerance and impact resistance. PolyOne also introduced VERSAFLEX™ BIO TPEs for injection molding, said to be formulated with up to 70% renewable resources.

3. Metabolix bioplastic additives - Metabolix through its bioplastic JV Telles has collaborated with Teknor Color Company to develop a range of color concentrates for use with Mirel bio-resin. The color concentrates meet ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 standards for compostability and biodegradability. A new bioplastic for injection molding, Mirel P1003, was also introduced in a collaborative effort with plastic molder company Nypro.

4. Eastman’s non-phthalate plasticizer - Eastman Chemical launched in the European Union its new, high solvating, non-phthalate plasticizer, Eastman™ DBT. The plasticizer is suitable for use in PVC plastisols and water-based adhesive applications.

5. Lanxess rubbers for biofuel engines - LANXESS AG has developed a series of HNBR rubbers, Therban AT 5065 VP, Therban AT 5005 VP and Therban 5008 VP, with extremely high acrylonitrile content making them suitable for use in vehicles that are run on biofuels.

6. Spartech PVC replacement - Spartech has introduced UltrosRenu™, a “drop in” PVC replacement solution containing recycled materials designed for blister packaging, clamshells, display boxes and containers in the non-food, consumer, electronics and warehouse club packaging and industrial products markets.

7. Teknor starch thermoplasticsTeknor Apex has launched Terraloy™ compounds, a line of starch thermoplastics that will include 100% biodegradable compounds and “hybrids” combining TPS with standard petrochemical plastics.

8. Cognis green rheology modifier - Cognis has developed the DSX 3000 series VOC-free rheology modifier for “green” water-based architectural coatings. The product is free from harmful volatile organic compounds and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOs), does not contain heavy metals (such as organic tin compounds) and is odor free.

9. Arkema bio-fibers - Arkema has developed a new grade of Rilsan® PA11, a 100% bio-sourced technical polymer for use in high performance fibers.

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