UK plastic debate launched

The UK’s plastic industry just launched its Plastics 2020 Challenge campaign inviting environmental groups, consumers, government agencies, and plastic manufacturers and processors themselves to have an open debate on how to reduce plastic waste from going into landfill.

Discussions on marine littering and bioplastics will be covered (among other topics) in a regular web debates as the plastic industry believes these types of discussion will prevent large and unnecessary plastic tax bills for both manufacturers and consumers.

The group said recent research indicates that the UK plastic industry might not be able to meet the government’s waste strategy targets for 2010, 2015 and 202o unless plastic hikes in council tax bills will be implemented. The Plastics 2020 Challenge founding members are the British Plastics Federation, PlasticsEurope and the Packaging & Films Association.

The plastics industry is also communicating through the program its pledge on reduce, reuse, recycle and recover commitments, including doubling the recycling rate of plastic packaging by the year 2020.The group is also calling government and consumers to do the same.

Calum Forsyth from the Plastics 2020 Challenge said:

“There are plastics businesses in virtually every parliamentary constituency in the land. The industry is worth GBP19bn and employs 186,000 people. Plastics have become indispensable to our daily lives, and yet debate surrounding their use and disposal has become unhelpfully polarised. The urgent challenge is to confront head on these issues which surround one of modern life’s essential materials, as time is running out about the options for efficient disposal of plastics.”


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