Science research gets…$327m

Wow, the auto (and battery) industry is really getting a lot of stimulus money (see recent post on $2.4bn electric vehicle funding) while science laboratories gets a measly $327m to fund energy research.

Of the $327m in Recovery Act funding, $107.5m is slated to go to universities, nonprofit organizations, and private firms, on a competitive, peer-reviewed basis. The remaining $220 million will go to U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories for a range of research, instrumentation, and infrastructure projects, including $164.7 million for projects already allocated.

Some of the development projects include research on biofuels, smart grid, climate, environmental remediation, material science, genomic sequencing, etc…

But not to worry, this is just part of the full $1.6bn the DOE Office of Science received from Congress under the Recovery Act. Still lower than the electric vehicle development funding though…

[Photo from Argonne National Laboratory]

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