Your view on cap and trade

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) set up a polling website to gauge America’s opinion on the pending cap and trade legislation called ACES (American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009).

Through several questions, the ACC explores possible effects of the ACES (or any other climate change) bill and asks whether you agree, disagree (or neutral) with those views.

Here are the questions:

  • It’s important that any effort to lower greenhouse gas emissions doesn’t over-burden our children’s future by putting economic recovery and U.S. jobs at risk. Agree or disagree?

  • Lowering greenhouse gas emissions is important, but ensuring that U.S. businesses remain competitive in the global economy is just as important. Agree or disagree?

  • If energy gets too expensive too quickly, companies will be forced to relocate overseas and U.S. jobs will be lost. Agree or disagree?

  • Congress needs to develop an energy and climate policy that encourages energy efficiency, conservation, and energy diversity using lower emission sources such as nuclear, renewable and alternatives. Agree or disagree?

  • Because natural gas is an important source of clean energy, we need to expand our domestic supplies. Agree or disagree?

The website did not indicate the number of people who took the poll (they should have!) but it did show overall results of the response based on the state that you put in.

The ACC depicted (via a very cute video cartoon) of what could happen if the Senate would pass a “poorly constructed” ACES act such as US job lost, manufacturing relocation, and even increase of greenhouse gas emissions.

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