Canada strengthens green chemistry

Canada’s Ontario government wants green chemistry in their industrial landscape, and is investing $13.6m (on top of a $9.1m award earlier this year) in the establishment of a research center to develop and commercialize green chemistry technology.

The GreenCentre Canada is said to be the first of its kind in North America bringing together leading green chemistry researchers, industry partners, and commercialization professionals to develop cleaner, less energy-intensive solutions for traditional chemical products and manufacturing processes.

The Centre, to be located at Queen’s University, is said to have already received more than 50 technology disclosures from researchers across Canada for review. Companies involved in the Centre include NOVA Chemical, PolyCorp, Fielding Chemical Technologies, , Pressure Chemical, and Albonia Innovative Technologies.

GreenCentre Canada aims to manage the commercialization of 50 Green Chemistry technologies, leading to at least 10 licence agreements, and to establish at least 6 start-up companies. They also anticipate the creation of at least 250 highly skilled jobs in short term. The Centre will be fully operational by 2010.

[Hat tip to the Green Underworld Reporter for this news!]

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