Farewell and hello to biofuels

It saddens us to see one of ICIS’ pioneer blogs, Big Biofuels Blog, by Simon Robinson closing down but the good news is that the Green Chemicals blog will now officially cover biofuels as well as part of ICIS’ efforts to send out more information about the business of green chemistry and sustainability.

Look out for future posts on algae, waste-based biofuels, new alternatives (biobutanol, cellulosic ethanol, jatropha biodiesel), and so much more! Coincidentally, I just finished my article for ICIS Chemical Business about China’s renewable energy sector (that include biofuels) coming out on September 21, and will soon start about next generation fuel for automotive coming out on October 5.

As Simon says, ICIS is also constantly covering the biofuels market with its pricing reports on biodiesel, ethanol and ETBE, as well as news streams from ICISnews.

Also check out past (free) articles from ICIS Chemical Business this year covering biofuels:

1. Brazilian ethanol attracts bioplastics investors

2. US industrial biotech industry optimistic on funding from US Obama administration

3. Asia’s palm oil derivatives market takes a hit from biodiesel and oleochemicals

4. EU tariffs on US biodiesel spark debate

5. Europe losing global battle for biorefineries

6. Biofuels impact on food prices is challenged

7. Second-generation biofuels need work

8. Europe’s biofuel industry frustrated at lack of progress on legislation

9. Financial crisis hits biofuels industry hard

10. Biobutanol development makes headway

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  1. vertiges 23 September, 2009 at 2:06 am #

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  2. Alternative Energy 26 May, 2011 at 2:27 pm #

    Great ideas and new, improved technology is coming to the renewable energy field at a fast pace. Even with the setbacks, alternative energy will soon overtake oil.

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