Greening vending machines

A new energy efficiency standards released by the Department of Energy (DOE) will soon reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 9.6 million metric tons from 2012 through 2042 coming from around 2.3 million beverage vending machines in the US.

This is almost equivalent to removing more than 2 million cars from the road for a year, according to the DOE. The efficiency standards will be effective in 2012 and will apply to glass-front type and solid-front type beverage vending machines found in office buildings, schools, colleges, retail sites and manufacturing facilities.

Best of all, owners of the machines cans ave $38m and $52m per year in energy costs!

The DOE also released new energy conservation standards for dishwashers, general service incandescent lamps, microwaves, electric and gas kitchen ranges and ovens, general service fluorescent lamps, incandescent reflector lamps, commercial boilers, and air conditioning equipment.

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