More biosuccinic players

Several other chemical companies want to jump into the development of biobased succinic acid, and have announced deals this week

German chemical company BASF today announced that it is joining Dutch-based lactic acid producer CSM for the development of biobased succinic acid. The companies plan to produce commercial quantity and volumes in the second quarter of 2010.

On Monday, Japan-based Mitsubishi Chemical has signed a deal with Thailand-based PTT Public Company Ltd. (PTT) for the development of bio-polybutylene succinate, a bio-degradable polymer, made from biomass feedstock.

Mitsubishi already produces and markets polybutylene succinate, a bio-degradable polymer made from petroleum-based succinic acid. Mitsubishi and PTT will jointly begin market research and aims to complete the feasibility study for establishing a joint venture by the end of June in 2010.

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