New Green Chemicals

You think I’d forget this segment of the blog didn’t you? I was afraid the last weeks of summer will not produce enough green chemical product launch for August and will have to scrap this one for the month but fortunately, innovation is still active even during the lazy weeks of summer.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Honeywell green refrigerant - Honeywell said its new low-global-warming-potential refrigerant HFO-1234yf for mobile air conditioning can now be imported and used in Japan without volume or use restrictions.

2. DSM bio-engineering plastic - DSM launched EcoPaXX™, a bio-based, high performance engineering plastic based on polyamide (PA) 410, a long chain polyamide based from castor oil.

3. Henkel coating for rPET - Henkel introduced its Latiseal® B7707AR water-based heatseal for recycled polyethylene. The coating is 100% VOC-free.

4. Soybean-based tonerWest Point Products will soon sell its AgriTone soy-based toner for select HP laserjet printers. The toner contains 60% biobased resin made from soybean.

5. Solvay powers lithium ion batteries - Solvay introduced a new series of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) for increasing capacity of lithium-ion batteries. First grades of the new PVDF Solef® series are now commercially available.

6. Henkel’s bactericide-free fluids - Henkel has developed a water-miscible, bactericide-free cutting fluids that reportedly decrease health risks to employees and successfully implement prospective EU Biocides Regulations.

7. AkzoNobel solvent-free surfactantAkzoNobel introduced Berol CLF®, a synergistic surfactant blend that provides low-foaming water-based degreasing performance said to be superior in many cases to solvent-based cleaning formulations, but without the VOC hazard.

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