Recycled plastic for the army

The beauties might get their bioplastic (see last post on Miss USA) but the brawns are commending the use of recycled plastic in their military bridges.

According to an email from Axion International, they have just completed construction of two 100% recycled plastic bridges for the US Army stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The bridges are specifically engineered to allow for the crossing of armored military vehicles.

Axion said its patented structural-grade reinforced plastic building materials are

an emerging technology for use in load-bearing construction as alternative to treated wood, steel or concrete bridges and other infrastructure such as railroad crossties, bridge infrastructure, marine pilings and bulk heading.

The plastic bridges at Fort Bragg used 84,828 pounds of recycled plastic including the equivalent 508,968 one gallon milk jugs and juice containers, according to the company. A third bridge at Fort Bragg is being planned because of the cost-savings benefit according to the US Army.

Axion’s technology, by the way, was developed in conjunction with scientists at Rutgers University.

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