Salute to green warfighters

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is making sure they’re fighting for our nation’s cause the right way…by going green.

DoD’s Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) recently awarded algal-based biofuel developer Solazyme and camelina-based biofuel manufacturer Sustainable Oils contracts for R&D and manufacture of their products.

Sustainable Oils will supply this year 40,000 gallons of camelina-based jet fuel to the DESC’s Naval Air Systems Command fuels team and will support the Navy’s certification testing program of alternative fuels. The contract includes an option to supply up to an additional 150,000 gallons of camelina-based jet fuel.

The company said they have already demonstrated their camelina biofuel in Japan Airlines’ historic biojet demonstration flight last January and in a Boeing U-787 hydroplane in Seattle last month.

Solazyme, meanwhile, has been selected to produce algae oil-derived F-76, a Naval distillate similar to diesel fuel and is the primary shipboard fuel used by the Navy.

The company’s contract includes both R&D and fuel delivery components and calls for delivery of 20,055 gallons of Soladiesel®F-76 Renewable Naval Distillate fuel to the Navy for compatibility testing over the next year.

Solazyme said this program will eventually lead to the certification of Soladiesel®F-76 Naval distillate for commercial sale to the U.S. Military.

Both contracts are valued at a total of $11.2m. DESC said they expect more contract announcements coming soon.

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  1. Jon Goffaux 10 September, 2009 at 11:30 am #

    Thanks Deloris for the many “nuggets” of Green. Here is a nugget for you: There is a new “Green” startup company that just might turn the chemical industry up side down. They have a exothermic process to react CO2 with H2S.

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