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The green blogger needs a vacation…badly! I am getting a lot of information which I can’t even post in the blog due to multitudes of deadlines. But I will try really, really hard to post some of them this week. In the meantime, check out my article this week about China’s renewable energy market on ICIS Chemical Business. My article on next generation liquid biofuels will be out on October 5, so stay tune for that.

Another announcement is that ICB has a new facebook page (which I designed myself) where you can check out all our blogs, article links, videos and even twitter snippets. Be a fan! (Pleeaase! lol!).

For now, here are this week’s news roundup:

BP divests India wind biz

BP is selling its wind power interests in India, BP Energy India Private Limited (BPEIPL), which owns and operates three wind farms in India with a total generating capacity of approximately 100 megawatts, to Green Infra Limited. BP said it will concentrate its global wind development activities in the US.

Owen’s green glass fiber plant

Owens Corning will re-start its glass fiber reinforcement manufacturing facility in Vado, Italy, during the fourth quarter, which has been converted to the company’s patented boron and fluorine-free Advantex® technology platform. The platform offers smaller environmental footprint compared with standard E-glass processes.

Eco2 relocates plastic recycling plant

PET plastic recycler ECO2 will relocate and upgrade its current production facility in Riverbank, CA, to a new location in Northern California. The company has begun dismantling existing equipment and a total of 47 employees were laid off.

GE buys wind turbine biz

GE has completed the acquisition of Norway-based Scanwind,which develops and markets advanced drive train wind turbinetechnologies aimed at offshore deployment. Industry experts predict a20-fold global increase in wind energy investments, from an installedbase of 1.5 GW in 2008 to 30 GW by 2020.

Dow starts carbon capture pilot plant

Dow Chemical and Alstom have successfully started-up operation of a pilot plant to capture carbon dioxidefrom the flue gas of a coal-fired boiler at the Dow-owned facility inSouth Charleston, West Virginia, US. The pilot plant usesadvanced-amine technology jointly developed by Alstom and Dow tocapture approximately 1,800 tons/year of carbon dioxide.

And from ICIS News (requires subscription):

Interest in using bio-based plastics to hedge against the price of petroleum-based feedstocks has increased along with crude oil prices.

The trend of green school construction in the US is a big market opportunity for BASF’s construction chemicals business.

The prospect of bio-based engineering plasticswill be among the most significant developments in the automotivesector over the coming years, according to DSM Engineering Plastics.

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