A new green video discovered

The nice thing about traveling is you really discover something new even if you don’t go out of your hotel room.

I saw this advertising on CNN International while I’m in Berlin and thought to share it. It’s about Prince Charles of Wales’ Rainforest Project called (of course) “The Prince’s Rainforest Project.” I am not sure how long it has been on TV but I sure did not see it on my local cable in the US. Or maybe I am not really watching CNN that often in the US…

The project was set up in 2007 by Prince Charles following reports from leading climate change experts, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, to promote awareness of the urgent need to take action against tropical deforestation.

I think this is a very good cause worth following. You can check out some of their behind-the-scene interview on YouTube as well. By the way, the frog they’re holding, is that real??

Here is another video with Sting (and others) supporting the cause!

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