Gevo’s biobutanol on its way

Gevo said it is ready to rock the biofuels market with its ethanol facility-based biobutanol.

Soon, ethanol producers can also manufacture Gevo’s biobutanol product as Gevo successfully started up its worldwide-first biobutanol demonstration plant in St. Joseph, Missouri, which is designed from retrofitting an existing demonstration scale ethanol plant.

The 1m gal/year pilot plant will produce biobutanol that can be blended directly into gasoline and [or] can be used to make renewable hydrocarbons (“green gasoline”), diesel and jet fuel, chemical intermediates and biobased plastics.

Gevo said the retrofit of the pilot plant was completed in less than three months, and represents the first step along the route to produce cellulosic biobutanol which will be possible once biomass conversion technology becomes commercially available.

The company estimates the additional cost of this capital equipment to be approximately 30 cents per gallon of installed ethanol capacity. Retrofit facilities will have the flexibility to produce either ethanol or biobutanol.

Gevo also formed a subsidiary, Gevo Development, LLC to develop a fleet of biorefineries based on retrofitting existing ethanol plants with Gevo’s proprietary technology to produce biobutanol.

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