More green chems from Cargill

Major agribusiness company Cargill is really getting into the green industrial chemicals market aside from its BioFoam polyurethanes; bioplastic from its NatureWorks subsidiary; and the assorted vegetable oil/corn-based chems as well as its biofuels business of course.

This recent announcement is the joint production of vegetable-based coating formulations called TopScreen DS13, which was developed by Cargill’s new partner Topchim, a paper and cardboard coating technology company.

TopScreen DS13 is said to be an alternative for polyethylene, paraffin and acrylic resin that are used as resistant water-proof barrier for paper and board applications. It is now being produced by Cargill in its Mairinque’s plant in Brazil.

The companies plan to produce more sustainable line of products in Brazil to be used for paper and board applications.

[Photo: water drop by venkane]

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