POET now produces plastic additive

Ethanol producer POET is entering the industrial green chemicals sector with their new ethanol co-product called “Inviz“, which the company said can replace petroleum-based ingredients in household products ranging from pill coatings to plastic packaging.

Inviz is made from a biodegradable, low-nutrient prolamine protein called zein found in corn. It can be used as a gum base or in films, packaging, adhesives, coatings and glazes, according to the company.

“Inviz can be used to make biodegradable plastics, time-release capsules for pills and other substances, varnish, there are just so many possibilities,” said Poet senior scientist John Lawton. “It has been the focus of much of my research throughout my career, and I’m excited to see this product brought to market.”

I guess I’ll have to put POET in my Green Chemistry company list now!

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