What’s green with polyurethane?

I’m receiving a lot of updates from the American Chemistry Council’s Polyurethanes 2009 technical conference especially about their renewable content technical session.

Here are some presentation tidbits from that session:

  • Battelle Memorial Institute reported a versatile approach to making renewable-content flexible foams derived from vegetable oils, animal fats, and fatty acids using between 20% to 40% glycerine.
  • Cargill discussed their new BiOH polyol designed for the production of viscoelastic foams with very high renewable content as well as outstanding performance (in furniture applications).
  • Troy Polymers talked about recycling scrap flexible polyurethane foams made with soy polyols.
  • DuPont and Aragon Elastomers introduced a study of a renewably sourced high performance ingredient for polyurethanes.
  • Vertellus Specialty Materials introduced high molecular weight castor oil-derived triols for a wide range of polyurethanes applications.
  • Bayer MaterialScience presented about two-component polyurethane coatings for sustainable construction based on waterborne polyurethanes, natural oil polyols, and polyaspartic resins.

I guess green footwear is also a hot topic at the polyurethanes event.

In their footwear technical session, Italy-based Repi reported the introduction of a vegetable oil-based pigment dispersion for color development of shoes. Germany-based DESMA described an innovative color-dosing technology that reduces material requirements while increasing production flexibility – which saves time and energy in one of the shoe industry’s most expensive production steps.

Meanwhile, the ACC awarded DuPont for its green innovative polyurethane technology at the event as well. DuPont received the award in the Polyurethane Chemicals category for its Cerenol® Polyol, a family of engineered renewably sourced polyetherdiols that serves as a soft segment ingredient for polyurethanes.

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  1. Neeva-Gayle Candelori 8 October, 2009 at 2:08 pm #

    The Polyurethanes 2009 Technical Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, was a huge success. Over 700 people came from all around the world to share the latest innovations in the PU industry.

    For more information on the conference and to view the poster, paper and innovation award winners, go to the CPI news room at

    Thanks to everyone who attended!

    And many thanks to Doris for a great blog post!

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