New green chemicals from October

Here are last month’s launch of new green chemicals in no particular order. This list is definitely a record-breaker compared to previous months. I also noticed more new products this month targeting the cleaning market.

1. ELM’s biobased lubricants - Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing (ELM) introduced an array of biobased consumer lubricants and greases, which are said to be the first of their kind as they are packaged in an environmental friendly kit for use in and around the household.

2. Genencor’s detergent enzyme - Genencor launched PuraFast™ HS protease, a performance ingredient for laundry detergents to improve cleaning performance in shorter cycle and lower temperature washes.

3. Axion’s recycled polymers - Axion Polymers has launched Axfoil® – its first new 100% recycled extruded sheet product that can be used in applications ranging from horticultural pots to in-store POS displays and collation trays that can eventually be recycled again.

4. Itaconix’s green SAPs - Bio-itaconic acid producer Itaconix introduced its Itaconix™ Super Absorbent and Itaconix™ Dispersant. The company’s polymers are made from itaconic acid that is currently fermented with corn glucose as the feedstock.

5. Colonial’s green surfactant - Colonial Chemical has added its new Poly SugaCarb and Poly SugaPearl to the company’s “green” line of personal care products. Poly SugaCarb can be substituted for traditional surfactants such as sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth-2 sulfate and alpha olefin sulfonate, while Poly SugaPearl is a concentrated dispersion of pearlizing compounds designed to be free of sulfates and ethylene oxide.

6. Cognis’ biopolymer cleaning additive - Cognis has launched Polyquart Ecoclean, a starch-based polymer additive for formulating environmentally sound hard surface cleaners. Polyquart Ecoclean is said to be compatible with anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants.

7. Spartech’s eco-packaging - Spartech rolled out its EnviroSeal™ and UltrosRenu™ for PVC packaging replacements. EnviroSeal™ is said to be available with pre- or post-consumer content, while UltrosRenu™ is produced with high quality recycled PETG materials.

8. Celanese’s eco paint emulsifiers - Celanese is offering EcoVAE 408, a vinyl acetate/ethylene base emulsion for coatings manufacturers. The emulsion is APE-free, has a low residual monomer level and can be formulated into low VOC coatings to achieve green certifications.

9. LATI’s PLA resin compounds - Italy-based LATI launched its new family of of polylactic acid-based compounds under the brand name LATIGEA. The compounds are reinforced with natural and traditional fibres, and blended with polycarbonates and polyesters.

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