Portable fuel cell for Christmas?

I am not sure if fuel cell generated electric bikes will be available in time for the holidays this year (although I want one in a folding bike – Dear Santa…), but SiGNa Chemistry said that it was able to successfully design, assemble, and initial test its H300 Hydrogen Generation System for portable fuel cells.

Using SiGNa’s proprietary sodium silicide (NaSi) powder, the H300 generates hydrogen on demand in swappable cartridges via two hydrogen canisters that generate more than 800 liters of hydrogen at a combined flow-rate of up to 4 slpm (continuous) and 10 slpm (peak).

SiGNA said the system supports a broad range of portable fuel cell applications including back-up power systems, emergency responder work-stations, military battery recharging, and electric bicycles. The company has demonstrated hydrogen generation for applications ranging from 1 to 500 Watts.

“The H300 Hydrogen Generator System allows us to easily showcase our effective materials to portable fuel cell system developers,” says Michael Lefenfeld, President and CEO, SiGNa Chemistry.

The company has been collaborating with portable and semi-portable hybrid power systems developer Trulite for the system.

“Hydrogen storage continues to be the single most important piece of technology limiting portable fuel cell commercialization, “says Ken Pearson, COO, Trulite, Inc. “High energy density, low cost, and start-stop capability are all critical market requirement areas that SiGNa’s NaSi powder technology has the potential to meet.”

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