Question on a Monday Morning

Here’s a question: How can chemical companies prove that they are keen on being green (I mean sustainable – I forgot that they hate the word green…) when there’s always the cloud of cynicism hanging over their heads coming from consumers?

For example, I posts these great news from various chemical companies on how they’re developing new environment-friendly chemistry, or converting to renewable-based materials, or how they’re reducing emissions or reducing energy consumption, or how they minimize waste, and so forth and so on.

I get more tweets doubting these companies’ sincerity than praising their efforts. It is true that most of these companies want to be sustainable mostly because this route is becoming more profitable. But isn’t this a win-win situation for everybody? If a company is profitable, they make jobs available, and the side benefit to this is that this profitability comes from producing chemicals and products that are more environment- and health- friendly.

So…what’s the problem here?

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