A drink to ours and earth’s health in 2010!

Before 2009 ends, I just wanted to greet our faithful (and not-so faithful lol!) blog readers a Happy New Year!! I hope 2010 will bring green chemistry more to the forefront of every nook and cranny of the manufacturing, energy, chemical, and other industrial and commercial sectors.

To celebrate, here’s an article from enzymes company Novozymes about producing a low-emitting, great-tasting beer!

Novozymes’ new enzyme Ondea® Pro is said to enable brewers to produce beer based on 100% unmalted barley. What does that mean when it comes to green, you ask?

Malting barley consists of soaking the grain in water to allow the grain to germinate, then drying the grain, which utilizes water and energy. Avoiding this step will significantly reduce CO2 emissions, according to the company.

Brewing with unmalted barley reduced the overall carbon footprint of beer production by 8%, they said.

“We also documented a 7% reduction in the amount of barley required to produce the same volume of beer, thereby improving land utilization and operating profit. With every 10% of current global beer production there is a potential to save more than 350,000 tons of CO2. This is roughly equivalent to taking 85,000 cars off the road.” – Novozymes

Another way to further green our favorite alcoholic beverage such as wine is to look at how grapes are produced. My recent interview with Agraquest CEO Marcus Meadows-Smith revealed an interesting tidbit on how wines are becoming more sustainable by using biopesticides (and therefore less chemicals).

The company’s two major products with vineyard applications are “Sonata,” a strain of Bacillus pumilis, for powdery mildew control, and “Serenade,” to control Botrytis and sour rot.

Both products can be used for conventional and organic production and both are non-toxic to beneficial insects and other non-target organisms; safe for workers with only a four hour re-entry interval, and can be used up to and including the day of harvest.

You will definitely hear more about biopesticides (and AgraQuest) next year!

So let’s drink our sustainable beer and wine and a toast to everybody’s (and mother earth’s) health!! Cheers and Happy New Year!

[Photo from AgraQuest]

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  1. Soren Hojfeldt Lund 4 January, 2010 at 2:09 pm #

    The Clim8 beer is the first commercial example of a beer made from un-malted barley and Novozymes Ondea® Pro. Not only does will this reduce the carbon foot print of beer production but it enables brewers to make beer using barley in regions that depends on imported malt thus supporting local farming communities.
    In the future consumers maight even get beer where the barley origin becomes part of the taste profile just like certain wines are linked to a specific regions grape production.
    Find out more about this on http://www.ondeabrewing.com

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