Arkema launches sustainability group

ICIS news reported in November that French specialty chemical company Arkema plans that 10% of its sales will soon come from renewable resources. The company says it is also currently directly allocating over 50% of its R&D expenditure to innovation in every area which contributes to the development of eco-technologies.

The company has been very busy recently in building up its sustainability product portfolio and even launched in November a new Sustainability Additives Group within the company’s Functional Additives division.

According to an email from Arkema, the new group’s mission is to develop additives solutions that will lead to more efficient use of energy and resources; help manage (or create less) waste; extend the life of existing products; and help develop and grow new materials based on new or renewable sources of energy.

The group is led by General Manager Antonis Papdourakis and with following market-focused teams led by Peggy Sharp (packaging and healthcare), Bill Luzier (energy, buildings and construction), and Leo Kasehagen (automotive and initiation).

Hey, at least now I know who to contact! = ). I was actually supposed to interview Peggy Sharp about this new group but conflicting schedules prevented that. Oh well, maybe next year…

Aside from the previously mentioned markets, the group is also looking at solar and wind energy markets as potential growth source.

A new product the group just recently launched is a biopolymer processing lubricant additive under the company’s Biostrength product line. Arkema said its Biostrength® 900 metal release additive enables more consistent processing of polylactic acid (PLA) and other biopolymers and blends.

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