Copenhagen video updates

Once again, I apologize for the sparse blog as I tried to sharpen my brain last week for my school exams, which unfortunately is still ongoing this week (finals week ugh!) I’ll start with some video updates from the Climate Change summit in Copenhagen.

European Union leaders last Friday agreed to pay $10.5 billion over the next three years to help poor countries begin tackling the effects of global warming. The developing world, meanwhile, is said to be seeking a commitment from industrial powers to provide long-term financing of more than $100 billion each year by the end of the next decade. No answers from European Union leaders…Hey can’t blame them. $100bn/year is pretty steep I think.

At the summit, delegates from around the world hope to reach an international climate accord where various nations will commit themselves to sharply reduce and by 2050 nearly eliminate greenhouse-gas emissions. Financing, of course, is the biggest hurdle.

Here are some of the day-to-day highlights take at the Summit last week:

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