Green Copenhagen

If you’re one of the lucky few who will be attending the Copenhagen climate summit next week, maybe you’ll find yourself walking in a renewable-based carpet; drive a European car using renewable-based tires and also fueled by algae; have lunch using bioplastic cups and cutlery; stay in an eco-friendly hotel that uses green cleaning products or even organic toiletries; and attend a fashion show wearing your newly-purchased green/renewable/sustainable textiles.

At the Bella Center where the United Nations global conference on climate change will be held, 15,000 dignitaries will reportedly stand, walk, and rest their feet on an ultra low carbon footprint Eco2punch® carpet made with plant-based Ingeo™ fibers produced by bioplastic producer NatureWorks.

According to French carpet producer Sommer Needlepunch, the “green” carpet reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 60% and reduced energy consumption by 50% compared to petroleum-based carpet. The 20,000 square meters (215,000 square feet) of carpet is enough to cover nearly five soccer fields.

In December 7, NatureWorks said Ingeo will also be featured in a runway show at the Nordic Fashion Industry fashion sustainability summit located in the Copenhagen Opera House. Guests at the fashion show will be served with Ingeo plates, cups, and cutlery, in a venue furnished with Sommer’s Eco2punch Ingeo carpet. After use, all Ingeo products will be collected and uniquely recycled.

Belgium based company Galactic will collect the Ingeo carpet and food service-ware after their use in Copenhagen and, using their Loopla™ process, will convert them back to virgin lactic acid, the building block for Ingeo biopolymer.

Meanwhile, Goodyear’s concept tire made with BioIsoprene will be on display at a lounge in the common departure area at the Copenhagen International Airport throughout December 21, while another will make appearances at several special events during the UN Climate Change Conference. The tires made with BioIsoprene are the result of a collaboration between Genencor, a division of Danisco, and Goodyear.

When it comes to cleaning products, Novozymes said it will hold a Detergent Sustainability summit to coincide with the UN Climate Change conference. The summit brings together all stakeholders in the detergent value chain to discuss the future of the detergent industry.

Novozymes said that by replacing traditional chemical ingredients with readily biodegradable enzymes, detergent manufacturers can offer their consumers a sustainable detergent that works well at low wash temperatures to reduce the environmental impact of washing.

Companies and organizations such as WWF, Marks & Spencer, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Henkel, McBride, A.I.S.E., and Whirlpool will present at the summit.

Novozymes will also participate in the white biotechnology forum and green chemicals technology showcase hosted by BIO on December 17. BIO said the event will highlight biotechnology companies that help make low-carbon products – including biofuels, automobile tires, and carpets chosen by the COP15 organizers for use at Conference venues.

Lastly, Solazyme tweeted early this morning that they will be in Copenhagen next week driving delegates with test vehicle using their algae fuel…

More press release from biotech/chemical companies regarding the Climate Change summit:

[First photo from NatureWorks. Second photo from Danisco]

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  1. Robert Tulip 8 December, 2009 at 7:25 pm #

    The chemical industry is central to stopping global warming through new technology.

    I’ve developed some futuristic proposals using polymer bags at sea to grow algae, with a method that appears efficient, scalable and environmentally friendly. Please see

    I hope these inventions are workable! I would welcome interest from the polymer industry to help assess feasibility and best materials for these processes.

    Best Regards

    Robert Tulip

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