Green gifts for the holidays

Although these products might be too late to give for Christmas but there are still birthdays and Valentine’s Day to consider. I tried to compile all of these for the past two months now and if you are already using any of them, give me a feedback!

1. Eco-Green Graffiti Remover - got a problem with the neigborhood kids? Why not give them this eco-friendly graffiti remover from Daimer Industries? The remover is said to be 100% plant-based and can remove paint, permanent marker, pencil, pen and grease. It is available in package sizes ranging from five to 5,000-gallon containers.

2. Carpet backed with green - when looking for a carpet or rug, make sure it has an environment-friendly backing system such as the EnviroCel™ HOME green backing by Universal Textile Technologies. The main carpet backing is made of 50% by weight renewable materials while the secondary backing is from 100% post-consumer recycled PET plastic.

3. Renewable-based swimwearIf you’re going to the Caribbean (or other warm places) during winter, opt for swimwear that features green fabrics such as Carvico’s Amazzonia warp-knitted stretch fabrics. This Italian fabric is made with ADVANSA’s BIOPHYL® eco-polyester yarns that uses biobased-PDO (propanediol).

4. Recycled water-proof clothes - Or if you don’t want to get wet but still want your clothing gear to be green, try Teijin Fibers’ ECO STORM recyclable, waterproof and breathable material made from recycled fibers laminated with a highly durable thin polyester film. The fibers will be incorporated in sailing wear featured in Henri Lloyd’s Blue Eco Range products to be launched in 2010.

5. Bio-based credit cardthis will probably be a more popular gift especially if it contains large amount. Presenting the world’s first MasterCard credit card that uses polylactic acid (PLA)-based bio-polymer. The card is a joint development effort of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), Mitsubishi Plastic Inc., (MPI) and Sony Corporation.

6. Degradable smart cards - if you’re afraid of giving somebody credit cards (who isn’t?), then why not use your own degradable smart banking card to get cash? Gemalto launched in November the world’s first bio-sourced degradable smart banking cards and even SIM cards. The smart cards will be ready for mass production in the first quarter of 2010.

7. Soy-based candles - If you need something way cheaper, SC Johnson’s new Fragrance Collections featuring soy-based candles could work. There are various cool fragrant candles here such as currants & acai, lotus bamboo, holiday pomegranate, and jasmine & white orchid.

8. Green sugar - finally, a green sweetener for your sweet with this biodegradable and compostable sugar sachet jointly developed by Novamont and Novarese Zuccheri. The sachet uses Novamont’s Mater-Bi bioplastic.

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