BPA-free baby bowl

Since a lot of consumers are now aware about bisphenol-A (BPA) thanks to the media, chemical company Eastman Chemical is probably reaping big rewards already for its Tritan™ copolyester as the company continues to market and develop the resin for use in BPA-free infant care products such as reusable baby bottles, pacifiers, breast pumps, bottle sterilizer lids and now in baby plastic cutlery and dishes.

Eastman announced today that another of its customer, Baby Dipper LLC, just launched the Baby Dipper® bowl made with the Tritan™ copolyester. Baby Dipper’s CEO Barbara Schantz said the resin offered higher impact, heat resistance and washer durability than other polycarbonate plastic alternative.

Tritan also offers odor, taste and stain resistance, which are important for infant care feeding products that demand cleanliness and safety, according to Schantz. The Baby Dipper bowl comes in a three-piece set with a matching spoon and fork made of polypropylene, which also is BPA-free.

The patented BPA-free Baby Dipper bowl is available at select online and retail stores, including Amazon.com and One Step Ahead. Last time I checked on Amazon.com the price tag for the set is $12.95.

It’s sooo cute I’m thinking of buying one for my niece…do they come in pink??

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