Bubbling green detergents

As a sneak preview for this week’s Soap and Detergent Association meeting in Orlando, Florida, here are some updates on the green cleaning trend.

Searching the Green blog back in June produced interesting new chemicals launched last year targeting sustainable cleaning.

In the enzymes area, producer Genencor introduced in December its PrimaGreen® EcoLight 1 Bleaching Enzyme Treatment for denim bleaching. With the enzyme, Genencor said denim can be stonewashed and bleached using a single bath, requiring significantly less water and energy than the established process.

Genencor also launched in October its PuraFast™ enzyme for laundry detergents to improve cleaning performance in shorter cycle and lower temperature washes; and in March, Genencor along with Huntsman launched Gentle Power Bleach™, a peroxide bleach system that allows for low temperature bleaching of textiles at 65°C and at a neutral pH range.

In October, Clariant introduced a new bio-based amine oxide under the trade name Genaminox® CHE for hard surface cleaning application. The surfactant cuts active ingredient use by up to 66% enabling manufacturers to reduce material purchasing, storage and transportation costs. Also that month, Cognis launched its Polyquart Ecoclean starch-based polymer for formulating environmentally sound hard surface cleaners.

In August, AkzoNobel launched its new solvent-free surfactant blend Berol CLF, that said to provide low-foaming water-based degreasing performance in heavy-duty industrial and institutional cleaning products.

Going to the retail products itself produced a couple of new cleaners that now can be found in the local supermarket near you (I hope).

Of course, Clorox has been pretty aggressive last year in introducing products under their Green Works line. In June, the company launched Green Works™ Natural Laundry Detergent and Green Works™ Natural Laundry Stain Remover specially formulated to work in both standard and high efficiency (HE) washers, and in January last year, its natural biodegradable cleaning wipes. The Green Works products contained renewable-based chemicals.

Also in June, Chemstar introduced its liquid Fruit and Vegetable Wash composed entirely of food-grade ingredients. The citric acid formulation reportedly removes wax, dirt, soil, and residues that are not removed by simply rinsing with water.

June seems to be a popular month to launch cleaning products as Adco Cleaning Products LLC introduced its highly-concentrated AdcoEco detergent and companion softener. The products are said to be biodegradable and free of all harmful dyes and perfumes. Hmmmm.

In July, Baumgartens introduced a range of new waterless cleaners under its environmentally-friendly brand CONSERVE that is sold in tablet form with consumers adding water once ready to use. Conserve Cleaners products consists of cleaners for glass and window,multi-surface, bathroom, and odor eliminator.

Sometime last year (I forgot when), Spartan Chemical, meanwhile, introduced its SparClean™ warewash products that reportedly do not contain phosphates, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), or EDTA.

By the way, Method just launched this month its newly packaged, highly-concentrated, biodegradable, and renewable-based (whew! That’s a lot of adjectives!) laundry detergent product. The company is using what they called Smartclean Technology packaging where their detergent is packaged in a sleek, handheld precised-dosage pump bottle. The carbon footprint of their new Method Laundry Detergent is said to be 35% lower than standard 2x detergents.

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  1. Dave Green 21 August, 2010 at 12:55 am #

    This is all so true and green cleaning is something that should be more discussed, and keep in mind that, i run a green cleaning company and i still aren’t able to find enough information about it!

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