DSM invests in green projects

Dutch chemical company DSM has been very busy this month investing left and right in renewable chemistry and clean technology.

The blog already posted earlier this month the venturing arm of DSM investing in US-based green chemistry company Segetis. DSM said the investment supports the company’s ambitions to develop bio-based performance materials. Segetis is currently developing monomers, called levulinic ketals, which are built from levulinic acid, a chemical derived from cellulosic biomass, and biobased hydroxyl compounds.

Did I mention before that DSM is also currently in partnership with French starch company Roquette for the development of bio-succinic acid??

On January 11, DSM Venturing announced another investment in the area of biogas. The company purchased an equity stake in Sweden-based Bioprocess Control AB, which provides advanced control technologies and services in optimal and efficient operation of biogass processes. The biogas produced from materials such as manure, green waste, sewage sludge and energy crops are used to generate electricity and heating.

DSM currently has its Biogas unit, which offers technology and service package to optimize the production efficiency of the biogas process.

Finally just this morning, DSM announced its partnership with US bioplastic technology developer Novomer to jointly develop polycarbonate resins using carbon dioxide (CO2) –up to 50% by weight– and propylene oxide as raw materials. Novomer will produce the polymers and DSM will convert them into resins and formulate them for applications such as coatings, adhesives and graphic arts.

“DSM and Novomer are looking to develop the first polymer in more than a decade to enter the mainstream of the coating industry. This exciting development can lead to a breakthrough that could change the coating industry. Besides cost issues, these innovative coating resins also address environmental and performance issues.” – Rob van Leen, chief innovation officer, DSM.

With this type of development, I see innovating, exciting times ahead for the resins industry!

[Photo of DSM researchers]

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