EPA’s 2010 goals

Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) director Lisa Jackson just announced in their blog her seven priorities for the agency going forward this year. These are (in shorter versions):

  • Taking Action on Climate Change - continue to develop common-sense solutions for reducing GHG emissions from large stationary sources like power plants, etc..

  • Improving Air Quality - EPA will develop a comprehensive strategy for a cleaner and more efficient power sector, with strong but achievable emission reduction goals for SO2, NOx, mercury and other air toxics.

  • Assuring the Safety of Chemicals - At the end of 2009, EPA released its first-ever chemical management plans for four groups of substances, and more plans are in the pipeline for 2010.

  • Cleaning Up Our Communities - developing enhanced strategies for risk reduction in our Superfund program, with stronger partnerships with stakeholders affected by our cleanups.

  • Protecting America’s Waters – initiate measures to address post-construction runoff, water quality impairment from surface mining, and stronger drinking water protection.

  • Expanding the Conversation on Environmentalism – include environmental justice principles in all of our decisions.

  • Building Strong State and Tribal Partnerships - EPA must do its part to support state and tribal capacity and, through strengthened oversight, ensure that programs are consistently delivered nationwide.

Jacson also promised to improve EPA’s internal operations, from performance measures to agency processes.

“These priorities will guide our work in 2010 and the years ahead. They are built around the challenges and opportunities inherent in our mission to protect human health and the environment for all Americans. We will carry out our mission by respecting our core values of science, transparency and the rule of law.” – Jackson

Ahhh, fun times ahead for the chemical industry I’m sure.

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