Green musical chairs

Our fellow green blogger G.U.R. pointed out the recent quick exit of Qteros CEO William Frey and the entrance of ex-Microbia chief business officer John McCarthy as Frey’s replacement.

Qteros, for those who are not familiar with the company, develops biomass-to-ethanol process using their proprietary microbes. Looking through the blog’s archives also indicates Qteros’ partnership with Applied CleanTech (ACT) on poop-based ethanol.

Microbia, meanwhile, deals more with bio-specialty chemicals development. The company just announced plans to start selling its microbial-based lycopene this year. Microbia is also a partner of green chemistry company Itaconix.

McCarthy by the way was also former vice president of cellulosic ethanol company Verenium.

In another green corporate movement, renewable-based chemical developer Segetis also got a new CEO this year as the company announced the retirement of ex-Cargill Jim Stoppert. Segetis just received an influx of $17.2m funding from new investors that include the venture arm of European chemical company Royal DSM.

Why do I have the feeling that we will see Mr. Stoppert resurfacing again in another green venture?

Finally, Frederic Scheer, founder and CEO of bioplastic company Cereplast was just appointed this year’s council chair of the Society of the Plastic Industry’s (SPI) Bioplastic Council. SPI said the main agenda of the council this year is to continue its mission to educate the industry regarding bioplastics.

Actually, what is going on in the green tech/industrial biotech industry is nothing compared to the executive restructuring going on in oleochemicals (fats and oils-based chemicals) industry just the past 12 months alone. But that’s another story to tell = )

[Photo of John McCarthy]

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