World’s first bio-succinic plant running

Just got hold of this news about Bioamber — a joint venture between US company DNP Green Technology and France-based ARD (Agro-industrie Recherches et Développements) — announcing the successful commission of their new bio-based succinic acid plant in Pomacle, France.

The 2,000 metric tons/year facility is producing succinic acid from wheat-derived glucose, which can be used in applications such as plastics, polyurethanes, polyesters, plasticizers, solvents and de-icers.

Bioamber said the renewable succinic acid offers higher purity than the petroleum-derived succinic acide. An added green bonus is that the plant also consumes carbon dioxide gas in the production process.

The company also recently announced a supply agreement with Sinoven Biopolymers, which will use the bio-succinic acid to produce renewable modified polybutylene succinate plastic (PBS). Sinoven said they will be the first company to commercialize PBS with renewable content above 50%.

Applications for PBS include foodservice coffee lids, cups, dishes, cutlery, straws and stirrers, and other consumer products such as disposable razors, writing instruments and cosmetics packaging.

With Myriant planning to produce bio-succinic acid in the second half of 2010, BASF and CSM also planning to produce commercial quantity in the second quarter, and DSM/Roquette also planning to build their first commercialized succinic acid production by 2011, the race is definitely on for bio-succinic acid!

[Photo of Bioamber plant being constructed in November 2009]

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