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I mentioned that ICIS Chemicals Business featured in its January 18 issue several articles about green/sustainable building trends including my own article about chemical firms increasing their investments and activities in developing/marketing green construction materials.

According to companies such as Dow Chemical, Dow Corning, Celanese, RPM International, and Bayer MaterialScience, the chemical sector has a major role in developing and improving sustainability of the overall building and construction markets. Possible solutions, according to Bayer, include polyurethane (PU) systems for floor coatings; long-life light emitting diode indoor and outdoor lighting systems; PU insulation for roofs, walls and floors, polycarbonate (PC) sheets for roofing constructions, glazing, skylights and facades; PU sealing systems; and solvent-free adhesives.

Bayer MaterialScience
also talked to ICB’s Andy Brice about their EcoCommercial Building Program, which was officially launched in November last year. A core component of the program is developing a hand-picked network of specialized suppliers, engineering firms, architects and property developers to raise awareness and influence key decision-makers in the construction sector about the potential waiting to be explored in sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-effective buildings.

Meanwhile, author Louis Cole wrote about architectural coatings which are said to becoming not only greener (figuratively) but cheaper as well, while ICB’s chief Joseph Chang talked to Dow Chemical about their new solar shingles.

Finally, an example of social sustainability is exhibited by RPM International as the company helps rebuild the tornado-stricken town of Greenburg, Kansas, by providing building ¬≠materials as well as expertise in sustainable construction. RPM subsidiaries Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing Division , Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance Division, Stonhard (flooring systems), Euclid Chemical (concrete and admixtures), DAP (patch and repair products) and Dryvit (exterior insulation and finish systems) are all involved in the town’s rebuilding efforts.

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