Sustainability awardees at Informex

Informex announced last week its “Profiles in Sustainability” awardees and the chosen ones were DSM, Lonza, Iolitec, Segetis and the Wercs.

At the Informex show in San Francisco, ICIS Chemical Business senior editor Clay Boswell reported that both Netherlands-based life and materials science company DSM and Swiss life science company Lonza were honoured for their work to commercialize microreactors, while Iolitec, a German manufacturer of ionic liquids, was recognized for the leasing arrangement it developed to ease the adoption of these unique solvents.

Segetis, a US-based green chemistry company, received the award for developing a new monomer platform based on levulinic ketals,which are built from levulinic acid, a chemical derived from cellulosic biomass, and biobased hydroxyl compounds.

The Wercs, a US firm specializing in regulatory compliance and hazard communication software, was honoured for GreenWERCS, a tool that analyzes individual product compositions and grades their potential impact on human health and the environment.

Congratulations to the winners and kudos to all who submitted their sustainability profiles!

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