Algae in soaps

Here is another reason why the momentum for algae development is stronger than ever.

As mentioned on my post “Algae coming soon in resins,” consultant Neil Burns of US-based Neil A. Burns LLC remarked about algae developer such as Solazyme filing patents on algae-based specialty chemical products. As a cited example was a patent filed by Solazyme last year on algae-derived polysaccharides that can be used as anti-aging skin care ingredient.

This morning, Solazyme announced that it has partnered with consumer products giant Unilever in developing algal oil for use in soaps and personal care products. The companies said they are working on a process to incorporate algal oils into personal care products at a commercially relevant scale.

Since palm oil are being targeted by environmentalists, I guess Unilever might as well look for next-generation renewable oil as raw materials for their products. Unilever said exploring alternative natural oils is one of the company’s most important sustainable sourcing strategy.

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2 Responses to Algae in soaps

  1. Neil Burns 10 March, 2010 at 12:55 pm #

    Doris – this is really fascinating and quite important. Even I did not think this field would advance so quickly, when I first talked about it in Berlin. I expect that at the next Oleo conference there will be a panel on algae oil as well as on palm oil. This area is attracting a lot money also.

  2. Ahmet 12 March, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    It is very important to replace palm oil because people destroy gorgeous rain forests to just plant palm trees. If palm oil can be replaced, the need for destroying forests will go away too.

    This is a huge factor, This will change the market dynamics of how the oil business works today. This is market forces driving us towards protecting our environment.

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