Cytec forms green chemistry alliance

It’s 4am here in Munich and my body clock is still adjusting so instead of staring at the ceiling, might as well make myself useful by scanning recent tweets from my green chemistry friends.

@BeyondBenign sent me this news about their recent new green chemistry alliance with specialty chemicals company Cytec Industries, and product lifecycle software and service company Sopheon. The alliance launched a website,, which allows chemical manufacturers and users to track their progress in developing greener products over time.

According to the site, the iSUSTAIN™ Green Chemistry Index is “a tool which provides a methodology to generate a sustainability-based score for chemical products and processes that contains a set of sustainability metrics based on the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry.”

For refresher course into the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, follow the link here, which will take you into Beyond Benign’s website, a non-profit organization established by Dr. John Warner, co-founder of the Green Chemistry Principles alongside current chief R&D of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Paul Anastas.

Back to the ISUSTAIN Index, the tool will take into account among others, factors such as waste generation, energy usage, health and environmental impact of raw materials and products, safety of processing steps.

This new tool is long overdue and will be invaluable not only to industrial chemists designing safer processes and products, but also as a resource for students, educators and the designers of the next generation of molecules and materials,” said John C. Warner, President of Beyond Benign and the President and Chief Technology Officer of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry.

Cytec says it has been seeking ways to become more sustainable on fronts such as energy, packaging, safety and product design, and is using the tool to help them do that. As of March 18, the site notes 4,285 materials in its database.

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