Dictionary of cleaning ingredients

Consumers are now demanding transparency on product ingredients that they use and the trade group Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) are working on compiling information on these ingredients in a so called “Consumer Product Ingredient Dictionary.”

CSPA, which deals with the markets for air care (such as air freshners and air sprays), floor care, automotive cleaning products, pest management products, and other industrial and institutional cleaning products, announced this initiative last year in December to prepare manufacturers that will voluntarily participate in the joint CSPA and Soap and Detergent Association’s (SDA) Consumer Product Ingredient Communication Initiative.

CSPA says the the Dictionary was developed to standardize and define ingredient nomenclature for companies engaging in the Ingredient Communication Initiative. As one ingredient can have several names due to the differing nomenclature used for various product lines, the Dictionary will provide consistency so that companies participating in the Initiative are using the most common ingredient name, the CSPA says.

The Dictionary, which currently contains around 300+ ingredients listed is now available on CD (for a price) although CSPA spokeswoman Gretchen Shaefer says it will soon be available online as a database.

“We are starting with companies who are subscribing to the dictionary on a CD but we hope to see an online database eventually. We expect more companies to participate as the years goes on but the most important thing right now is to get more and more ingredients listed,” says Schaefer.

Applications to list ingredients can be made by suppliers of ingredients to consumer product manufacturers, or by the consumer product manufacturers themselves. CSPA assures that manufacturers can still protect proprietary ingredient information, which does not need to be provided, and ingredient monographs will note where some ingredient information is proprietary.

“We are also not soliciting applications for custom fragrances. CSPA will be working with custom fragrance suppliers to develop a fragrance monograph that will define the custom fragrances that can be simply identified as “fragrance.”" – CSPA

The Dictionary project is currently being supported by fourteen product marketers that have provided funding.

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