New bioplastic recycling company

I decided to separate this news from my previous post on NatureWorks’ lactic acid announcement. This one is pretty interesting given the fact that bioplastic recycling — needing to separate disposed bioplastics from traditional plastics — especially here in the US is still an issue.

This new company called BioCor LLC based in Concord, California, is in the business of buying, aggregating, and processing post-consumer Polylactic acid (PLA) plastic products. BioCor says it will pay recyclers an economically attractive price for PLA in any packaging format and work with recyclers to achieve efficient separation of post-consumer PLA from other plastics.

Since NatureWorks is the biggest PLA player around, I’m guessing it has its hands on this new company. BioCor noted on its website that it has received start-up funding from a broad set of interested investors although did not mention any specifics.

BioCor says it is putting in place a supply agreement with PLARCO, the company turning PLA waste into lactic acid. I recalled NatureWorks mentioned to me last year that it was working on the same sort of deal with European lactic acid producer Galactic, where it will also produce lactic acid from recycled PLA.

Back to BioCor, the company is currently hiring staff and scaling up its infrastructure. BioCor says it has already been approached by several parties eager to sell post-industrial and post-consumer PLA and is in the process of assessing those initial supplies.

Here is a nice video from their website showing how PLA plastics are being sorted out from other plastics:

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