Green money this week

I’m back from zombie land and now ready to blog again. This morning I had an interesting conversation with DSM spokesman Herman Betten and he promised to have some green goodies (news I mean) coming up next week so we’ll stay tune for that.

Meanwhile, three companies came up with some nice green bucks the past few days, two courtesy of the US Department of Energy (DOE). Both Novomer and Myriant announced this week that they received federal funds from the DOE.

Novomer said it has been awarded $2.1m in the first phase of a potential $25m federal stimulus grant for sustainable materials production from the DOE. The funding will help Novomer’s waste CO2-based polymers and polyols development.

As you recall from a January post, DSM has also invested in Novomer’s CO2-based polycarbonate resins development.

Novomer’s project will be carried out in two phases. The first one is a six-month, $2.6 million project that includes a 20 percent industry cost share. Novomer is preparing an application for a follow-on Phase two award which could total $23MM. Phase two, a 24-month, approximately $23 million project, is subject to further DOE evaluation and approval.

Myriant, on the other hand, has finally received the first of the promised $50m grant from the DOE announced in December last year. The funding is geared for the company’s planned biobased succinic acid facility in Lake Providence, Louisiana. Design engineering for the plant has been finished and start of construction is expected by September 2010.

Myriant says the facility, which will use both local sorghum and CO2 as feedstock, is expected to become the world’s largest biobased succinic acid plant. Recalling from previous post, target applications for their succinic acid include butanediol (with current market estimated at 2bn lbs), adipic acid (6bn lbs), biodegradable polymers and other drop-in applications (70m lbs). I don’t think I’ve gotten any capacity numbers for the plant though.

Last but certainly not the least, sugar-based chemicals and fuel developer Amyris Biotechnologies announced last week that it was able to get $47.8m funding from Singapore venture capital firm Temasek Holdings. Amyris said it will use the funds to support commercial plant design and construction activities as well as ongoing operations in the U.S. and Brazil.

Last year in December, Amyris made a deal with Brazil-based sugar and ethanol producers Bunge, Cosan and Açúcar Guaranz, with the purpose of partnering for the production of high value renewable specialty chemicals and fuels. These products will be distributed by Amyris.

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