March green chemicals

Yes, I know this is very late but is still worthwhile posting for those on the hunt for new green materials and chemicals…

1. Novozymes bioinsecticide - Novozymes launched its bio-insecticide Met52® Granular in Canada. Met52 is a contact insecticide against black vine weevil larvae and strawberry root weevil for the professional greenhouse and nursery industries.

2. EUCODIS new enzymeEUCODIS has introduced a panel of phospholipases, a group of enzymes that are widely used in the industrial processing of natural fats and oils. The market for phospholipases is estimated at EUR 40m ($54m).

3. Evonik’s castor polyamide - Evonik has introduced a polyamide 1010, VESTAMID® Terra DS produced entirely from monomers obtained from castor oil. Applications include special cables for the automotive industry, underground cables, in which case the bio-polyamide protects against damage caused by gnawing rodents, and polymer optical fibers.

4. Rhodia green coating additives - Rhodia launched its Rhodoline® OTE, APE-free and zero-VOC additives, that extend waterborne coating open time two to four fold and enables the formulation of highly performing low to zero-VOC coatings. This additive has been developed to design sustainable coatings, being compliant with Green Seal (GS-11) or EU eco-label requirement.

5. Lati’s PLA compounds - LATI has introduced the LATIGEA family, a brand new range of thermoplastic compounds produced from polylactic acid.

6. BioSolar bio-backsheets - BioSolar has expanded its line of biobased-backsheets for photovoltaic module manufacturing that now includes a multi-layer BioBacksheet-C for conventional applications, and a new mono-layer BioBacksheet product line for premium applications.


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