Petroleum people are not anti-green

The National Petrochemical & Refiners Association (NPRA) reiterated yesterday that their members are not anti-green jobs or anti-clean energy, they just want Congress not to over-tax and over-regulate the domestic refining and petrochemical industry into extinction.

NPRA president Charles Drevna presented the industry’s views yesterday at a hearing entitled “Clean Energy Policies That Reduce Our Dependence on Oil” held by the US House of Representative’s Subcommittee on Energy and Environment.

The hearing examines the impact of oil dependence on US economy and national security, and how the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recent regulation and future policies can reduce that dependence.

Since I’m about to write an article about the EPA’s new greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) rule, I’m definitely interested in hearing the NPRA’s views. I especially like this quote from Mr. Drevna.

“Some people think we can reorient our energy supply system and end our reliance on oil simply by saying that’s what we want to do,” Drevna added. “They embrace other energy sources like starry-eyed lovers, seeing perfection and ignoring flaws. The fact is, however, that there is no miracle source of energy that is clean, efficient, affordable and abundant with no downside. If such a source existed, our nation would have embraced it long ago and we’d all be using it today.”

Drevna said the NPRA supports clean energy and policies that enhance efficient energy but the US should have energy portfolio that is broad as possible that will include petroleum, coal, and nuclear energy, and supplemental sources ranging from wind to geothermal to biofuels.

“Right now, no nation on the planet limits its access to its own oil and natural gas deposits as much as the United States. Continuing these severe restrictions — and then complaining about our reliance on unstable foreign sources of petroleum — is illogical. Our policies need to be pragmatic and flexible.”

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