PolyOne and Segetis in bioplastic additives

I was starting on my Weekly News Roundup this morning when I found this email in my spam box (thank goodness I scan my spam mails first before emptying the folder!).

US resin company PolyOne announced today their development partnership with Segetis aiming to explore renewable-based plasticizers. The agreement will leverage Segetis’ bio-based levulinic ketal technology.

“This relationship with PolyOne is a win for the marketplace,” comments Snehal Desai, Segetis business vice president. “The need for bio-based performance plasticizers is there, both for use in petroleum-based resins as well as bio-derived resin systems. We recognize that combining PolyOne’s global leadership in bio-based compounding with Segetis’ proprietary technology will result in an expanded breadth of performance resins.”

PolyOne has also been working with Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) to produce bio-plasticizers in vinyl-related markets.

It seems to me that PolyOne’s R&D has been really busy the past few years as I’ve been encountering several biopolymer additives launched, which I, of course put into the monthly new green chemicals (just use the search bar and they’ll pop up).

A recent one that I’m planning to include in the April list is their new reSound biopolymer compounds for durable applications. The plastic additives incorporate up to 50% bio-derived content by weight and can be used in both petroleum-based and bioplastic resins such as polylactic acid (PLA), polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) and biopolyesters.

The additives are already commercially available worldwide since end of March.

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