Ubiquitous bioplastic part 2

Sorry about the sparse posts folks, I’m working on two articles this week: One about the very important greenhouse gas regulation for stationary sources by the EPA; and the other is about bio-based products being incorporated in automobiles (got a response from Ford– woohoo!)

Before I get mired in GHG politics again (watch out for the new Kerry-?-Lieberman climate bill today!), here is part two of my bioplastic musings this week. This time, its about various bioplastic products coming out or have just came out to the market…

By the way, got news from Metabolix yesterday that their joint venture Telles received the FDA approval for their bioplastic Mirel F1005 and F1006 injection molding grades for use in non-alcoholic food contact applications. Applications for the bioplastics include disposable cutlery, hot cup lids, tubs, trays, and packaging applications (caps and closures) as well as for house wares, cosmetics, and medical packaging.

1. Bioplastic 3-D glasses - Cereplast said their biobased resins are now being used in the world’s first biodegradable/compostable 3D glasses offered by Oculus3D as part of its OculR 3D viewing system to movie theaters.

2. Bio-keyboard - Fujitsu launched the world first injection moulded keyboard made from FKuR’s BiogradeĀ® resin. The newly developed eco-keyboard ‘KBPC PX ECO’ has been launched under the label “Green IT.”

3. Biodegradable pen - Newell Rubbermaid’s Paper Mate Biodegradable* pen and pencils, which uses Metabolix’s Mirel bioresins, are now available in US and Canada stores (and the rest of the world later this year). The majority of the Paper Mate Biodegradable pen and pencil components biodegrade in soil or home compost in about a year.

4. Another bio-pen - Manhattan-based design group DBA launched its first product: a 98% biodegradable disposable (potato-based) pen. The DBA pen will be available for sale at the Shop at Cooper-Hewitt, Project No. 8a at the Ace Hotel and via http://www.dba-co.com.

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